воскресенье, 3 июня 2012 г.

Жара! Как животные ее переносят?!

Let sleeping dogs lie: Tara the dog opts for sunbed and parasol to see her through the blistering heat in Britain
Хозяева прилагают все усилия, чтобы помочь домашним питомцам справится с повышенными градусами окружающей среды. И предлагают своим пушистым друзьям несколько хитрых способов охлаждения.

Bird bath with a difference: Jacquille the parrot cools down in a tea cup in Costa Rica

One cool dude: Dudu the walrus beats the summer heat in China, at Qingdao Polar Ocean World  
May contain nuts: A squirrel gets stuck into a frozen treat in Swindon, Wiltshire

I've got this licked: An African lion in Brookfield zoo, Chicago refreshes himself with a block of ice

Sealion solution: Keepers at Qingdao Polar Ocean World have come up with innovative ways to keep their animals cool 
What a hoot: Eski the snowy owl could do with a towel in the New Forest, Hampshire

Flew what a scorcher! A tufted titmouse suns itself in Massachusetts

Spread the whirred: This chilled dog has found himself a new fan 
Chino the donkey enjoys an ice-cream at Pennywell farm in Buckfastleigh, Devon

Furry nice! A squirrel takes a dip in a swimming pool in San Antonio, Texas

Does it come in banana flavour? A baboon enjoys an ice lolly at Hangzhou wild animal centre in China 
Chilling is seemples: A meerkat at Marwell wildlife conservation park in Hampshrie

To hell with the diet... An orangutan at Ragunan zoo in Jakarta, Indonesia

Just follow my lead: Harland the poodle on Southsea beach in Hampshire 
It gets my seal of approval: A fur seal relaxes in Stromness, South Georgia Island

White tiger cubs Jeevan and Ashoka cool off in a paddling pool at a safari park in Germany

Trunks, glasses and parasol...this pooch looks good - and he knows it

I'll be finished in about nine hours... A young gorilla chews on a block of ice containing fruit at Los Angeles Zoo

Do I look like I want to share? A ring-tailed lemur at Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, Herts

Pass the oinkment, dear: Some pigs tan themselves in Cambridgeshire

It's bacon hot! A piglet falls asleep in a doll's house deckchair at Pennywell farm in Buckfastleigh, Devon

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